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Mike Puhallo Memorial Scholarships
Rules and Conditions

Supported by the BC Cowboy Heritage Society
and Canadian Cowboy Country magazine


Rules for Scholarship contest. Please Read Carefully

For US and Canadian Students
All entrants must be:

  • about to enter, or continue, a program of study at a post-secondary educational institution
  • not a previous winner of this Scholarship

Up to two awards may be made. Each award will be for $500.
The award must be used only for tuition fees and must be used within 12 months of being granted.
Payment will be made either:
- directly to the awardee on provision of a receipt from the institution, or
- to the awardee's account at the institution if:

  • a) evidence of fees payment is provided, and
  • b) it states that the award is refundable only to the BCCHS if the award is not used.

To enter applicants must provide:

  • an original piece of rhyming cowboy poetry (other poetry will not be accepted)
  • each entry should be accompanied by a completed, and signed entry form

From the entries the judges will select up to two poets to be awarded a one year, $500 scholarship.

There shall be three Judges
The decision of the Judges will be final
Selection will be based solely on the merit and presentation of submission.
Poetry MUST Rhyme! Cowboy Poetry should have good rhyme and meter
Presentation, grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be among the criteria used in judging.
Previously published poems will not be acceptable.

BCCHS, at its discretion, may decline to make an award if in the opinion of the Judges, no entry meets a minimum standard.

Rod Miller, Dave Longworth, and Sharlene Puhallo (judges are subject to change without notice)


Entries should be sent by email to:
with Mike Puhallo Memorial Scholarship in the subject line

Entries should be in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf ( not a scan), .rtf, or .txt
Poems should have a title.
The title with the poet's name and address should be in the email but not be on the poem.

Entries will be received up to December 31st of each year. Entries received after December 31st will not be considered. Judging will take place during January.

Awards will be announced in the Cowboy Times Newsletter, on this web site and in print, around mid February. They will also be announced at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival in March. If winners are present they will be acknowledged on main stage, and if time allows, will be given the opportunity to recite their poem. We would also encourage all entrants to take part in the "Rising Star Showcase" ... Details and/or the open mic sets at the Festival.

In providing an entry you agree that BCCHS may use its content for display and promotional purposes without restriction.

Print the attached form, SIGN it, scan it, and email it with your poem as per the above rules, to:

Entry deadline December 31st Annually.

Good luck. We look forward to getting your entry.

Supported by the BC Cowboy Heritage Society and Canadian Cowboy Country magazine


Scholarship Application Form



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