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From the Editors
From the President
BCCHS Membership Info
The 2020 Kamloops Cowboy Festival
2020 BC Cowboy Hall of Fame
2020 Joe Martin Award

100 Mile House Cowboy Concert
2020 Student Scholarships
Ian Tyson to be Honoured
Marlene Pegg 2020 Poster Artist
Hugh McLennan House Concert
2020 Spirit of the West Cruise

From the Editors
Kathy and Mark McMillan

Kathy and Mark McMillan

The challenge in putting this issue of the Cowboy Times together is deciding what not to put in. Because it's basically the program for the Kamloops Cowboy Festival there is so much content that we just don't have room for everything. So we'll touch on most everything that takes place at the Festival and for additional information just head on over to the Festival page.

We'll also tell you about this year's Joe Martin Award, the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees and the Student Scholarship winners.

The big news, I guees, is that Ian Tyson has agreed to come to the Festival this year. He will be there to receive a plaque honouring him for his contributions to preserving the cowboy / western way of life through his decades of song writing and singing. He has also agreed to sing for us.

We just got home from putting on the 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert which consisted of two great shows! I'll touch on it below and we'll tell you all about it in the May issue.

We hope to see you all at the Festival !!

Kathy & Mark McMillan, Editors,

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March 2020, Pres report by Mark McMillan

Well I'm not sure about you but we've sure been looking forward to this year and the 2020 Festival! Once again it looks like we'll have a super tradeshow and art show. We're also looking forward to the brand new Dinner Theatre! I'm thrilled, too, that Ian Tyson has agreed to come this year!

Here's my "Welcome to the Festival" message: To all of you first timers - welcome! We're glad that you heard about us and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy the weekend. To those of you that are repeats, which most of you are, and to those that have been at all 24 Kamloops Cowboy Festivals welcome back

Mark McMillan

and thank you so much for all your years supporting us! To all you repeat entertainers, volunteers, sponsors, artists and trade show exhibitors ... welcome back and thank you, too!

All in all I think this should be another awesome Kamloops Cowboy Festival.

Mark McMillan, President, BCCHS

The BC Cowboy Heritage Society
Box 137, Kamloops, BC, Canada, V2C 5K3

Members: The BC Cowboy Heritage Society would like to thank you for your support over the past year. We hope you will continue supporting the society by renewing your membership annually. Membership information, and a membership form, can be found on our web site at:

BCCHS Memberships
If you're not a member but are interested in what we do to preserve cowboy heritage in BC, then you should think about joining. There are no commitments whatsoever and your $20 membership ($30 for a family and $100 for corporate) would be greatly appreciated. Membership dollars go towards the society's administrative costs.

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The 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert
20th Anniversary and an End to a 20 Year Tradition.

I just want to touch on the outcome of the 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert as it was a super show ... two actually. There was a 2:00 matinee and a 7:00 evening show ... both shows were great and the audience all went home happy, at least all those that we spoke with.

MLA Donna Barnett was at the evening show and presented Kathy and Mark with a mounted photo by April Roberts. A nice photo of horses taken at Skadays Bridge. Along the bottom was the wording, "Thank You Mark and Kathy McMillan for 20 years of "The Cowboy Concert" in 100 Mile House. MLA Donna Barnett Feb 7, 2020. Thanks Donna!

I'll do a review of the concert in the May issue with some of the details. All three performers were well received and did a great job. They, too, all said that they really enjoyed the shows. Gary

click to enlarge
The 20th Annual 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert poster
Kathy, MLA Donna Barnett, Mark

click to enlarge

click to enlarge
The 20th Annual 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert poster
click to enlarge

Fjellgaard said "I hope someone takes over the Cowboy Concert ... I need the work". Well Gary I'm sure you'll be getting lots of work without the 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert.

The lineup consisted of Gary Fjellgaard, Jeremy Willia and Bruce Rolph. Jermey and Gary have been before but this was a first appearence for Bruce Rolph, a terrific cowboy poet that we've tried to get in the past and he's been too busy with ranch work. He was great and the good news is that he said he'll probably be able to take part in the 2021 Kamloops Cowboy Festival, our 25th Anniversary ... I think he must like anniversaries!

See the May issue of the Cowboy Times for more details on the 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert.
See Donna Smith's FaceBook page for concert photos.

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The Horse Barn

The Horse Barn's web site is:

The Horse Barn!

We are so glad to have the Horse Barn as a major sponsor of the Kamloops Cowboy Festival.

Festival Tickets will available once again
at the Horse Barn!

The Horse Barn - Rafter HB!

The Horse Barn
517 Mt Paul Way
Kamloops, BC, V2H 1A9

The Horse Barn will once again present the Keeper of the West Award
for the best new song or poem, performed on the Festival weekend, that audienve feels best suits the award title.

photo by Jerry Stainer
click to enlarge
The Keeper of the West Trophy Buckle!

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The 24th Annual Kamloops Cowboy Festival

It's coming up quickly!! March 19th to 22nd are the dates for the 2020 Kamloops Cowboy Festival and we're getting excited. The entertainment lineup looks awesome, the juried Art Show has almost doubled it's entries this year, and the Festival Trade Show is pretty much sold out already (there's one booth left and it's over a month away). Festival tickets are selling fast and we're pretty sure that Dinner Theatre tickets are going to be sold out ... there's not a lot left on any of the three nights.

You can view The Menus here.
Click on the image below to see the new seating plan.

The 2020 Kamloops Cowboy Festival Dinner Theatre new seating plan
click to enlarge

Thursday Night Dinner Dance! There are still tickets left for the dinner dance and it will be a great night. Ed Wahl doing the lead the singing and rhythm guitar with Mike Dygert on bass, Jim McLennan on lead, and Rob Wheildon on harmonica will make up the band. Papa Gs will do the roast beef buffet dinner and Ada Mogge will do the bar, as well as decorate all the tables :-).

Here's the list of Festival Entertainers.
You can see their photos and read their bios on the 2020 Entertainers page.

  • Belinda Gail
  • Brian Salmond
  • Butch Falk
  • Doug Figgs
  • Ed Wahl
  • Gary Fjellgaard
  • Geoff Mackay

  • Hugh McLennan
  • Ian Tyson
  • Jason Ruscheinsky
  • Jim Hamilton
  • Kathy Moss
  • Larry Miller
  • Lauralee Northcott

  • Markus Sommer
  • Naomi Bristow
  • Phyllis Rathwell
  • Ryan & Hoss Fritz
  • Terry Nash
  • Tom Cole
  • Western Spirit Band

Workshops are all in place and are listed at the bottom of Friday and Saturday schedules. There will be no workshops on Sunday. Open Mic will take place in the workshop room before and/or after the workshops on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday. Open Mic times are all listed on the schedule pages.

Here are the three Weekend Schedules as downloadable PDFs. The forth one is table showing a list of all entertainers and the venue that they will be in and when ... handy if you are trying to see which stage a particular entertainer is on.

All schedules are subject to change!!


Friday Schedule PDF
Saturday Schedule PDF

Sunday Schedule PDF
Schedule list by Entertainer PDF


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BC Cowboy Heritage Society Student Scholarships

Scholarships provided by BCCHS have helped many promising students to fulfill their dreams and contribute to society. In the process those who enter increase their awareness of our BC cowboy heritage and the role of the cowboy and ranching in our history.

Entries can be in any of three categories: original art; cowboy crafts; and the written word. Up to three scholarships are awarded. This might be one in each category or all in a single category or only one total. The Chair of the committee is Sharlene Puhallo.

This year we will be awarding three $500 Student scholarships.

The written entry winner is Amy Baechmann, of 100 Mile House for her short story titled "A Cowboy's Dance".

Mikayla Castle of Mission won the art category with a drawing.

In the Mike Puhallo Memorial Student Scholarships one winner out of 66 entries was picked by the judges: "Grit Not Glamour" was the poem by Paige Ingram of Vancouver. The judges were Kathy Moss, Dave Longworth, and Rod Miller.

All of the winning entries will be acknowledged at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival during the main evening feature show on Saturday in the Ball Room and they can be seen / read on the Scholarship page at and/or in the Art of the West Show and Sale at the Festival.

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The BC Cowboy Heritage Society Will Honour Ian Tyson

Who better deserves recognition for preserving western and cowboy heritage then the guy who's name we all know ... the guys who's name always pops up first when the conversation turns to cowboy music ... Ian Tyson!

Although we focus on BC in our mandate, and Ian is an Alberta resident, we recognise the preservation of our cowboy / western heritage wherever it takes place. And besides, Ian Tyson was born and raised in BC.

This is one more award in a long list for this Cowboy and Canadian music hall of famer, but the BC Cowboy Heritage Society and the Kamloops Cowboy Festival would feel remiss if we did not acknowledge Ian Tyson for his contributions to preserving the way of life that we all love!

The award presentation will take place twice; the first will be Friday evening at the Dinner Theatre Show and the second in the Evening Feature Show in the Ball Room on Saturday night. Ian has said, at this point in time (late January), that he will be present and that he will sing! Great news for all of us!

click to enlarge
Ian Tyson on the right with Ryan Fritz
Ian Tyson on the right
with Ryan Fritz

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The BC Cowboy Hall of Fame

The 2020 BC Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductees to be inducted at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival on Friday, March 20th, 2020 are: Allison Everett (White) - Builder of Western Culture
and Frank Armes - Ranching Pioneer.

Allison Everett (White) likely learned to ride before she could walk. Her parents, Doug (2011 BC Cowboy Hall of Fame inductee) and Dianne White, had a family that focussed on horses so Allison and her sister Kristi grew up with it in their blood. In fact Allison, at 3 years old, showed a young horse at the PNE. She grew up in Maple Ridge riding both English and Western. Her family moved to 150 Mile House in 1974 where they raised roping stock and trained horses. The two girls started roping and barrel racing. With the loss of their mother when Allison was 14 the girls had to travel the rodeo circuit and train their own horses while dad looked after their ranch. After high school Allison attended Central Rocky Mountain Region College, in Casper Wyoming where she was very successful in both education and rodeo. Now a teacher (librarian) back in Williams Lake, Allison continues to rodeo, train horses, raise roping stock, put on clinics, and give lessons. She offers her arena to anyone wanting to learn. Allison is, or has been,

click to enlarge
Allison Everett
Allison Everett

a volunteer and/or director for numerous local organizations like BC Rodeo Association, BC High School Rodeo, Little Britches Rodeo, Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo Association, Williams Lake Stampede Queens Committee and the Williams Lake Stampede, to name a few. She sits on the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame selection committee and is also committed to help local contestants running for Miss Rodeo Canada. Allison has won around 52 saddles, a truck, and numerous buckles and trophies. She still competes in team roping, breakaway roping, barrel racing, and is a hazer for steer wrestlers. Allison is an inspiration to others and is continually giving back to the sport of rodeo.

click to enlarge
Frank Armes
Frank Armes

Frank Langman Armes was born in Vancouver in 1908. His schooling was in bookkeeping and he planned on being a ship purser, but his father took him out of school at 15 to work on the J S Place Ranch that he had purchased in Dog Creek. A train ride landed him in Ashcroft at -30 and horse and sleigh took him the rest of the way. The next few years were spent learning to ride and work cattle. In 1931 he married Doreen Pollitt and they had three children; Gordon, Dorothy and Allan. In 1936 Colonel Spencer asked Frank to manage the Meason Ranch at Little Dog Creek and the Gaspard Ranch in the Dog Creek Valley ... this was the start of the Diamond S Ranch. One thousand head of cattle were purchased in Alberta and shipped to Mission where Frank and two other cowboys met them, shipped them by train to Ashcroft, then drove them to Little Dog Creek. Frank now had to develop more hay land and dams for irrigation all with horses. Their first tractor was purchased when the Ford 9N came out (1939) and soon they increased their cattle number to 3000 head. Frank improved the

calf crop, brought in Hereford bulls from England and hired more cowboys to better manage the grazing. They added the 500 head Pigeon Ranch. In 1949, when the Colonel turned the management over to his daughter, Frank took a job as manager of the 2000 head Nicola Stock Farm until it was leased. At this point the family moved to Williams Lake and started Armes Brothers Agencies selling farm equipment and supplies. Frank had fond memories of his ranching days and spoke fondly of the First Nations people that were the majority of his work crew. He enjoyed a great journey with his bride of 70 years by his side. Frank passed away in 2002.

The 2020 BC Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductees to be inducted in Williams Lake at the Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo, April 19th, 2020 are: Chilancoh Ranch & the Bayliff Family - Century Ranch & Ranching Pioneer and Paul "Buck" Mammal - Working Cowboy & Ranching Pioneer.

Chilancoh Ranch and the Bayliff Family. Hugh Peel Lane Bayliff immigrated from England at 18 and worked in Ashcroft and then at Cherry Creek Ranch. While delivering horses he got his first glimpse of the Chilcotin. In 1886 he began the historic Chilcancoh Ranch starting with 160 acres overlooking the Chilcotin River. Hugh went to England in 1891 and brought home his bride, Gertrude Tyndle, a skilled rider that rode side-saddle to round up cattle and ride the range. Gertrude had some medical knowledge and helped ranching and native neighbours in times of need. Their only son, Gabriel (Gay), returned to the ranch after WWI and together the two generations built the Big House, which they still live in today. Gay married Dorothy Dyson from England,

click to enlarge
Chilancoh Ranch and the Bayliff Family
Hugh Bayliff

moved into the new house and continued ranching. Dorothy was an excellent rider and helped with cattle as well as feeding a crew of up to 16. Gay and Dorothy had two sons, Timothy (Tim) and Anthony (Tony). After serving in WWII Timothy returned to help at the ranch while Tony took over the neighbouring ranch. Tim met Dorothy Merle Glenny and they were married in 1954. Following the tradition of earlier Bayliff wives, Merle pitched in to help with every aspect of the ranch. They had three children: Elizabeth now in Williams Lake, Hugh who recently passed away, and James who died in an accident in 1994. Hugh's wife Hellen and children are currently running the ranch today in its second century. Tim was passionately involved with the BC Cattlemen's Association and the BC Grassland Conservation Society. His love of, and knowledge about, grasslands was great and was a passion he passed along to his son Hugh, daughter-in-law Hellen and their family. The family lost Tim in 2007 and Merle in 2012. The legacy of the three previous generations is being carried on and continues to work to improve the health and sustainability of the environment, ranch, and family.

click to enlarge
Paul "Buck" Mammel

Paul "Buck" Mammel was born in 1920 in Romania. The family immigrated to Canada in 1929 and settled in Alberta. In 1936 they moved to Sardis and became dairy farmers. In 1939 Buck left home and headed to Ashcroft for a job at the Ashcroft Ranch and then moved on to Williams Lake. His first cowboy job was at Chilco Ranch in 1939 and in 1940 he went to Alkali Lake Ranch. From 1941 to 1943 Paul was in the army but returned to Alkali Lake Ranch. Over the next couple of years he worked at various ranches including the Gang and Becher's. Buck's time on the rodeo circuit earned him the reputation as a good all-around cowboy. He rode in the Williams Lake Stampede in saddle bronc and in 1946 he won all-around cowboy at the Riske Creek Stampede. He also competed at the Calgary Stampede as an outrider for the Alkali Lake chuckwagon team. In the early 1950s Buck went to work in the logging industry to earn money for his own ranch. In 1959 he and Margaret purchased the Pioneer Ranch at Miocene and in

1969 they purchased the Poole Ranch at Rose Lake. In 1973 Buck and his wife sold the Pioneer Ranch known for a quality commercial Angus herd. They sired many grand champions at shows including 4-H. In semi-retirement Paul began purchasing steers in the spring and selling in the fall. He was offered a job by Canada Packers to be their head buyer in BC, and Douglas Lake Ranch offered him a position as head cowboss, all of which he turned down as he loved his life in the Cariboo. He was involved in the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club as well as the community. He was involved with the Cariboo Chilcotin Rodeo Association and sponsored best all-around cowboy. He was President of the Cariboo Cattlemen's Association and a director for the BC Cattlemen's Association and was a director of the Co-op Association. Buck died in 1996. He was known as a man who held the spirit and life of the cowboy. His word and handshake were his honour.

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The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin

presents the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame

Museum Logo

The Museum is located in Williams Lake, BC. For information on the Museum, and what it displays inside, check out their web site at:

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Joe Marten Memorial Award for the Preservation of Cowboy Heritage in BC

Who is the recipient for 2020? The very deserving Richard Tenisch.

Richard Tenisch
Richard Tenisch

Richard Tenisch

Richard was born and raised on a small dairy farm in the Swiss Alps. Horses were his first love and it was easy for him to fall in love with the Cowboy way of life in BC. His first trip to Canada was in 1985, though he travelled back to Switzerland for 4-5 years to recharge his bank account and became a permanent resident in 1989. Richard worked at Douglas Lake, Nicola and Pooley Ranches and one of his fondest memories was working with Stan Murphy and Rock Creek at Douglas Lake.

In 1992 Richard discovered his second passion while attending a Silversmith course in Pendleton, Oregon. While managing the Quilchena Hotel with Monica, Richard developed his craft to the point where he

was able to make it a full-time career. The unique crafting of buckles, earrings money clips and pocket watches are treasured by many who own them. While not getting rich with his craft, Richard states he can make a living from one of his two passions in life.

Richard has built the annual raffle prize Kamloops Cowboy Festival belt buckle for many years now, making a lot of winners pretty happy folks!

The Nicola Valley Rodeo Association chose Richard as one of their 2019 Western Heritage Honourees!

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Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association - ACPA

Check it out at: If you're looking for a performer for an event, or if you are a performer looking to get booked for an event, then you'll find how on their web site. If it's a CD or book you need you'll find tons of them there, too! That's

Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association - ACPA

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Marlene Pegg
The 2020 Cowboy Festival Poster Artist

We've seen, and loved, her work at numerous Festival art shows over the years and we were thrilled to be able to use one of Marlene Pegg's paintings on our poster for the 2020 Kamloops Cowboy Festival. Here's a little bit about Marlene.

Marlene lives and breathes horses and all things related to an authentic western life. When speaking about her connection and understanding of horses, someone once commented that "she walks in their minds." From a young age she would rush through her household chores and head outside to be with the farm animals. Later in life she was able to raise her family with the money she earned from riding the rough string and as she continued to develop her horsemanship skills she started

click to enlarge
Marlene Pegg
Marlene Pegg

turning out all around ranch horses. She often trained horses in need of rehabilitation, the ones others had given up on. Her steadfast persistence and love for the horse compelled her to understand and reach them. She now puts pencil to paper and brush to canvas to capture the memory of a challenging and rewarding career and it's equine characters she has loved so well.

click to enlarge
The 2020 Kamloops Cowboy Festival Poster
The 2020 Kamloops Cowboy Festival Poster

In her own words, "There is a feeling deep in a cowboy's heart that words cannot express; whether it's the pride of upholding the legacies and traditions of the western way of life, a meal and friendship shared among the working crew or the fellowship of helping out another cattleman, it all brings a deep unspoken connection. Despite the changes in scenery, people, cattle and horses throughout the years, the foundations for being a true cowboy still exist."

Marlene's paintings capture the essence of that life. The sounds of cows bawling, the wail of a roped calf and the smell of burning hair in dusty corals brings ranch living to life on canvas. Marlene Pegg's collection of award winning western art is available for purchase and viewing by contacting her directly at 250-255-9259. She does commission work as well as sells prints and original works in acrylics on canvas and pencils on paper. She is also an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

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May House Concert Featuring Hugh McLennan

click to enlarge
Billie and Hugh McLennan
Billie and Hugh McLennan

The two house concerts last year at Meadow Springs Ranch with Gary Fjellgaard and Ryan Fritz went over so well that we thought we'd put another one together this year. Just so happens that Hugh McLeannan will be traveling home from a concert weekend in Fort St John in May and he'll be driving right by our place.

May 26th to be exact ... that's a Tuesday and a full week after the May long weekend. Tentatively we're looking at a 7:00 pm start time and a cost of $20 per person. Hopefully the weather cooperates as we have a really big, fully covered, deck so it'll be outside. We'll restrict the numbers to about 30 people (which will fit on our deck) until closer to the date ... then, if the weather forecast is good, we may open up seating to the lawn.

If you're interested in attending please send us an email and we'll book you a spot: or give us a call: 250-456-2425 or Mark at: 250-395-0960.

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The Spirit of the West Bringings it Home!

"July 15th to 25th, 2020. We'll sail on Holland America's brand new "Koningsdam" from Vancouver BC ... Way Up North!! Alaska and back!

From Billie and Hugh ... "We call this The Spirit of the West and Friends bring it home cruise ... Billie and I will be stepping back from hosting cruises after 19 years of doing it and we want this one to really be special for everyone!" The Spirit of the West Cruise will however, continue in future years and will support the Spirit of the West Radio Show, hopefully for years to come!

We're making it special because we're making it easy! To get to this next cruise you don't have to fly and if you do it would likely only be a short little domestic flight at the most.

We'll get together, overnight in Kelowna, then head up to the McLennan Ranch for a visit and sing-a-long with Hugh and his Western Spirit Band. From there the whole group will ride a coach

click to enlarge
Your Spirit of the West Cruise hosts Billie and Hugh McLennan

click to enlarge
Holland America's brand new Koningsdam
Holland America's Koningsdam

to the beautiful Sun Peaks Resort for sightseeing and an overnight stay. The coach will then take everyone through the amazing Fraser Canyon en route to Vancouver where we'll overnight in the Fairmont Waterfront. On July 18th we'll board Holland America's brand new "Koningsdsam" for a breathtaking 7 day Inside Passage Cruise to Alaska and back.

click to enlarge
Glacier Bay
Glacier Bay

The trip includes the incredible White Pass Railway in Skagway (right), a the amazingly beautiful Glacier Bay (leftt) as well as the trip, both ways, through the Inside Passage! All this and a whole lot more!!

This cruise is filling up so don't miss out, book now!

click to enlarge
White Pass Railway
White Pass Railway

Get all the details at 1-800-530-0131 and see Hugh's cruise page at and their cruise facebook page. Download the 2020 Cruise Flyer PDF here

click to enlarge
The Spirit of the West Alaska Cruise group in 2017
The Spirit of the West Alaska Cruise group in 2017

For more info contact Megan, Karen or Jim at Cruise Vacations: 1-800-530-0131.

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Home of the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame!

Museum Logo

BC Cowboy, Ranching, and Rodeo Museum The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin is located in Williams Lake, BC and is the Home of the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame. It is located at the corner of 4th Avenue and Borland Street. Phone 250-392-7404 Email:

We highly recommend a visit to the
Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin in Williams Lake!
Check out their web site - BC Cowboy, Ranching, and Rodeo Museum

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Click on the above banner for their free email newsletter
or read it on line at!

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