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From the President
Bud Webb
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The 2018 Kamloops Cowboy Festival

Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo
2018 Cowboy Church
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100 Mile Cowboy Concert review
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From the Editors

Kathy and Mark McMillan

Kathy and Mark McMillan

This issue of the Cowboy Times is basically all Festival ... in fact the printed version is actually the program for the Festival.

You'll find most everything about the Festival below and a couple of other articles as well.

There's also an article on a new book by Barbara MacPherson called "The Land on Which We Live" and on a sadder note a short tribute to Bud Webb.

Kathy & Mark McMillan, Editors,

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From the President

Mark McMillan

February 2018, Pres report by Mark McMillan

Happy New Year everyone!! This issue's pres report is actually a "Welcome to the Festival" article.

Welcome to the 22nd Annual Kamloops Cowboy Festival !!
From the president and Festival Chair, Mark McMillan

Last year, under one roof, things went over so well that we're really looking forward to the same format for the 2018 Festival! It definitely made things a whole lot easier in a lot of different ways, for the volunteers, the organizers, and even the audience!! I think in the past some folks didn't even know we had a tradeshow and art show because they were stuck to their seats in the other venue ... last year they got to see the whole Festival ... and we actually added a few extra shows last year, too.

So to all you repeat entertainers, volunteers, sponsors, artists and trade show exhibitors ... welcome back. To our great and always supportive audience, some of whom have also been to all 22 Kamloops Cowboy Festivals, thank you, and welcome back! To all of you that are first timers - welcome ... and hopefully next year you'll fit into the welcome back category! We hope each and every one of you thoroughly enjoy yourselves this weekend.

Mark McMillan, President, BCCHS,

The BC Cowboy Heritage Society
Box 137, Kamloops, BC, Canada, V2C 5K3

The BC Cowboy Heritage Society would like to thank you for your support over the past year. We hope you will continue supporting the society by renewing your membership annually. Membership information, and a membership form, can be found on our web site at:

BCCHS Memberships
If you're not a member but are interested in what we do to preserve cowboy heritage in BC, then you should think about joining. There are no commitments whatsoever and your $20 membership ($30 for a family and $100 for corporate) would be greatly appreciated. Membership dollars go towards the society's administrative costs.

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The Horse Barn

The Horse Barn's web site is:

The Horse Barn!

We are so glad to have the Horse Barn as a major sponsor of the Kamloops Cowboy Festival.

The Horse Barn is now open on Sunday, too!

Festival Tickets are now available
at the Horse Barn!

The Horse Barn - Rafter HB!

The Horse Barn
517 Mt Paul Way
Kamloops, BC, V2H 1A9

The Horse Barn is proud to have been a part of The Kamloops Cowboy Festival for all twenty two years! They always sponsor a Festival Shuttle too, so that you will have no trouble getting a ride down to see them and the entertainment that they host for you.

This year the entertainment should be really good at the Horse Barn as performers will once again be competing for the Keeper of the West trophy belt buckle. The Horse Barn has sponsored this award that will go to the best "New" song or poem of the weekend. Watch for the ballet box as voting will be by public opinion.

Tom has a message to share: "Every March we look forward to renewing old acquaintances and making new friends when musicians and entertainers drop by during the Festival! Take the shuttle and join us each day to celebrate the 'cowboy way of life' and stick around to browse every department and learn more about horses and the people who love them!

Here's a very tentative schedule for the entertainment at the Horse Barn:

Thursday March 15th
11:00 am to 2:00 pm with host the Gordie West Band

Friday March 16th
11:00 am to 2:00 pm with host the Gordie West Band

Saturday March 17th
11:00 am to 2:00 pm with various entertainers from the Festival

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Bud Webb

Bud Webb

We are thinking of you Bud !!

For over a decade Bud Webb has been a part of the Kamloops Cowboy Festival ... some years as a performer and a lot of years running the Rising Star Showcase stage and sound system. He also ran the Open Mic stage and was terrific at recruiting participants.

A number of the entertainers that appear, or have appeared, on stage at the Cowboy Festival were folks that Bud had talked to. He promoted the Festival everywhere he went telling people to come and watch or get hold of the committee if they were entertainers. He put up posters and sold raffle tickets. He talked to the radio stations and other media anywhere he could. He got us connected to the BC Country Music Association so we could work together on promotion.

Many of the jam sessions wouldn't have been the same if Bud hadn't been there to get things going or at least jump in and add to them. He was great at getting his friends to join in and really great at encouraging youth and new comers to join in on stage ... and Bud never missed a jam!

At time of this writing (February 16th) Bud lays peacefully in hospice and we know he'll be missing the Kamloops Cowboy Festival for the first time in a lot of years as he heads off to join some of his many many musician and poet friends. We are thinking of you Bud and wishing you all the best.

February 18th up date:
We are saddened to say that Bud passed away at 1:30 this morning ... Rest in Peace Bud ...

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A Sneak Peek at a Couple of Things for the 2018 Festival

You'll fnd a couple of articles lower in this newsletter that focus on individual aspects of the Festival including; Cowboy Church,   Thursday Night's Dinner Dance,   and the 2018 Bus Tour.

Right now lets start out with what we consider to be a spectacular lineup of entertainers!!

  • Alan Moberg
  • Ben Crane
  • Bj Smith
  • Brian Salmon
  • Bryn Theissen
  • Butch Falk
  • Carol Heuchan
  • Chris Isaacs
  • Doc Mehl
  • Doris Daley
  • Ed Peekeekoot
  • Gary Prescott
  • Gary Fjellgaard
  • Gordie West
  • Hugh McLennan
  • Jason Ruscheinsky
  • Jim McLennan
  • Lois 'Big Rig" McIvor
  • Mag Mawhinney
  • Mike Dygert
  • Notable Exceptions
  • Ryan Fritz
  • Tom Cole

WOW .... looking good ... hey we even have the Big Rig here for a couple of sets!!

Here's the schedules for the weekend ...


Friday Schedule PDF
Saturday Schedule PDF

Sunday Schedule PDF
Schedule list by Entertainer PDF


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Workshops, Seminars and Open Mic

The tentative schedule for workshops is printed on the bottom of the entertainment schedules. Please note all workshops and seminars will be held in the Coast Hotel and Convention Centre which will be followed by Open Mic. There will be no workshops on Sunday but there will be Open Mic all day. Workshops and Open Mic are free with Festival admission.

We are lucky to once again have some of the top performers and craftsmen in the West this year and we're pleased that they are willing to share some of their thoughts with us in the form of a workshop.

On the music side we have one great guitarist this year that will share his guitar thoughts: Ed Peekeekoot. Ed will be playing a Riversong Guitar made in Kamloops and will also be present for a Guitar workshop put on by Mike Miltimore (the owner of Lee's Music and Riversong Guitars). To go with all the guitar picking Gary Prescott will share some song writing ideas and Chris Issacs will talk about Cowboy Poetry. Hugh McLennan will do a workshop on stage presence, Doris Daley and Doc Mehl will put their thoughts together on a "Hosting a Show" workshop and Gary Fjellgaard will do a song writing workshop. Wow!!

Please check the bottom of the Friday and Saturday schedules for the workshop location and times.

Again this year!! In the same room as the workshops, after the workshops are over there will be an Open Mic. The Open Mic will take place all day Sunday, too!!

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Art of the West Show and Sale

Once again the Art Show at the Festival has drawn a lot of interest from a lot of talent. 23 pieces have been selected to partake in the juried art show including: sculptures; photos; and flat work (paintings and /or drawings).

Look for the signs in the lobby - you won't want to miss this great display of western art ... and while you're there fill out a "People's Choice Award" ballot with your favourite piece and artist's name.

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Once Again - Expect a Super Cowboy Trade Show!!

We have a really good variety of products again this year - truly something for everyone. We hope you will be as pleased with this years' line up as we are and we hope you patronize as many as you can, to let them know what a great asset they are to the Kamloops Cowboy Festival!

Hours for the Festival Trade Show are:
Friday - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Saturday - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday - 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Exhibitors in the 2018 Festival Trade Show

  • Back Country Horsemen Society of BC
  • BC Cowboy Heritage Society
  • BC High School Rodeo
  • BC Rodeo Association
  • Barkerville Historic Town
  • Ben Crane - Jinglebob Music
  • Canadian Cowboy Country magazine
  • Candice Camille Photography
  • Cariboo Saddlery
  • Cowboy Classic Equipment
  • Creations by Bob
  • Farmhouse Collectibles
  • Kactus Western Wear
  • Longhorn Rope Creations
  • Mountain Legacies Art
  • Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin
  • The Mushroom Lady (neckrags and scarves)
  • The Next Generation
  • Richard Tenisch, Silversmith
  • Ripple Creek Creations
  • Robin Langford author "The Cowboy in Me"
  • Ronny's Ribs & BBQ
  • Saddle Up Magazine
  • SweetWater Bronze
  • Tres Amigas
  • Wilf Bennett (rodeo memories)

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Thursday Night "Welcome to Cowboy Festival" Dinner Dance!

Featuring Tom Cole and Band

Band sponsored by Dougie Haughton, aka John Deer Doug

The Kamloops Cowboy Festival will host its own dinner dance this year featuring Tom Cole and Ronny's Ribs & BBQ! It will be held in the Banquet Room at Flavours of India, at 610 Columbia Street (which used to be Chapters Viewpoint right beside the Best Western).

Cocktails @ 6:00 pm. Dinner @ 6:45. Dance @ 8:00.

The Dinner Menu
Texas Style BBQ Brisket, Hickory Smoked (about 14 hours)
low & slow for that Authentic Old West Flavour.

Served with,
Potato Salad & Sweet Pickle
Lone Star Slaw
Cowboy Baked Beans
South West Salad
Sweet Corn Bread Muffins
Freshly Made Dessert
All for $39.99, including taxes and gratuity.
Tickets are available at the Horse Barn in Kamloops or with your Festival tickets at: 1-888-763-2221.

Thursday Night Kickoff Dinner Dance will feature Tom Cole
Tom Cole Rhythm and Vocals
Mike Dygert on Bass
Jim McLennan on Lead Guitar
with others to possibly join in!

Band sponsored by
Doug Haughton

Food by Ronny's Ribs & BBQ


If you really had your heart set on dancing to Tom Cole and the boys, and enjoying the smoked brisket buffet dinner, let us know as we will start a waiting list ... just in case.

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Alberta Bus Tour Heading to Kamloops


I do believe that they have a waiting list, too ... in case you want to join them ...

Frontier Bus Lines Coach / bus to the Kamloops Cowboy Festival

Alberta Bus Tour to the 2018 Kamloops Cowboy Festival

Enjoy the Kamloops Cowboy Festival without worrying about mountain travel ...

Our official carry is Frontier Bus Lines and joining them this year will be Promotional Tours.

Frontier Bus Lines will make their third annual tour to the Cowboy Festival with a departure on March 15th, 2018 from Central Alberta. The tour will include deluxe motor coach transportation with an experienced tour guide, Tickets for the Dinner Dance Thursday evening, 4 nights at the Coast Hotel (host hotel for Festival), daily breakfast, a weekend pass to Cowboy Festival and all three dinner theater shows. They will depart Red Deer at 7:00AM on the 15th. If you book before December 31st you'll save $50.00!! Please check their website for details at: or contact them toll free at: 1-888-LET-S-BUS (538-7287). Click here for their flyer

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The BCCHS & Mike Puhallo Memorial Student Scholarships

Annually we run a competition for up to five scholarships of $500.00 each!

BC Cowboy Heritage Society Student Scholarships

Scholarships provided by BCCHS have helped many promising students to fulfill their dreams and contribute to society. In the process those who enter increase their awareness of our BC cowboy heritage and the role of the cowboy and ranching in our history.

Entries can be in any of three categories: original art; cowboy crafts; and the written word. Up to three scholarships are awarded. This might be one in each category or all in a single category or only one total. The Chairs of the committee are Linda and Sharlene Puhallo.

There were unfortunately not many entries this year and the judges decided that none of the art pieces warranted a scholarship. The written entries however were judged and the winner of the written work scholarship is: Jessica Holden of Gold Bridge for her short story titled "Cowboys on Parade". Matthew Campmans of Kamloops entered in the "Cowboy Craft" section and won with a beautiful saddle stand that he made.

Both Jessica and Matthew will receive $500.00 towards future education and they will be acknowledged at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival during the main evening feature show on Saturday evening in the Ball Room.

Mike Puhallo Memorial Student Scholarships

The Mike Puhallo Memorial Scholarship for Cowboy Poetry received 39 entries this year. The judges, Sharlene Puhallo, Dave Longworth, and Rod Miller all picked a poem called "Best All Round" written by Tanya Semple from Victoria as the winner. Tanya will receive a $500 scholarship.

All of the winning entries can be seen / read on the Scholarship page at and/or in the Art of the West Show and Sale at the Festival.

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Good News Re: Cowboy Church!

We've had lots of people asking about Cowboy Church and lots of people making suggestions as to where to hold Cowboy Church. We listened to all the comments (most of which came in within about a half hour of church ending last March) and decided right away to have our own Cowboy Church in 2018 ... so not to worry, Cowboy Church will be in the Convention Centre the same as the rest of the Festival. It'll be in the Ball Room, Bryn Theissen will officiate, and your favourite performers from the weekend will be there! We will not be charging admission at the door until after church ... although we will ask at the door if you want to go to the Festival in the afternoon, giving you the option to pay for the whole day.

Bryn Theissen
Bryn Theissen will officiate at the 2018 Cowboy Church
click to enlarge

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The Land on Which We Live ... by Barbara MacPherson

Just looking at the cover made me want to read this new book! Right away I recognized the photo taken of our neighbour's place in the 1860's - 83 Mile. Above it the author's picture of the Granberg place (see the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame archives) tells the story ... from the 1800s to a time closer to present day.

One of the reviews that I read said "painstaking research" ... I think this is an understatement as Barbara must have spend countless hours ... years even, getting the facts together to make this book a complete story - incredibale deatils!

The books covers the area on the Cariboo Plateau from 70 Mile House to Bridge Lake. We live at 76 Mile so therefore my interest started right away. The author started at the other end of the map ... in Bridge Lake, in 1946 (a few years before we moved here :-) ... like 50!). When I received the book in the mail I glanced through it and right away saw many names that I knew. Neighbours, friends, and quite a few BC Cowboy Hall of Fame inductees. I also got a surprize ... I saw a mention of the "Thompson Meadows" which is what our place was called way back when ... I have never seen this mentioned any where before.

click to enlarge
The Land on Which We Live by Barbara MacPherson

Wether you live in the area or not, if you like history and stories of our forefounders, this book is a must read. I thought it would be a tough read at first, the detail was like looking through a library book for a school history essay, but the more I read the more interested I became ... and the history and the facts in this book are amazing.

If you'd like a copy you can purchase the book through: Amazon, Chapters, other local book stores, or through Caitlin Press at You can also reach out to the author: Barbara MacPherson, at: 250-265-3450 or

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The BC Cowboy Hall of Fame

To be inducted at the Festival Friday, March 16th, 2018

Ken Fawcett - Ranching Pioneer
Ken was born in Vanderhoof July 10, 1946. The first parcel of family ranch was originally purchased by Ken's father in 1945. Ken's grandfather, Bill, became instrumental in Ken's passion for, and skill with horses. At a young age Ken was expected to do the chores and help his mom when his father was away selling cattle. He had to harness the team of horses, drive the four miles to the cattle herd, feed, and return. Ken is a cowboy with more GO than WHOA who never gives up, but finds a way to get it done. The first and only saddle Ken has ridden in since he was 10 years old was obtained as a trade for working for his neighbour. This saddle has seen Ken through a life of ranching, a few wrecks and has become of symbol of endurance and respect. Ken has the ability to read an animal and to know when to put pressure on it, which has been gained from a lifetime of experience. Ken is one of the founding members of the Central Interior Feeders Association, was instrumental in bringing the Bred Heifer Association to the area, and has been President for over 20 years. He is currently President of BC Breeder and Feeder Association. Ken and his family, four generations, currently operate a six thousand acre, self-sustaining 550 head cow/calf operation, in Vanderhoof.

Lois Tucker Daling - Working Cowboy
Lois was born in Oyama BC, graduated from accounting and moved to Vancouver to work in the Bentall building. She travelled to the 9th floor everyday for few years, then moved back to the Okanagan where she found a job working with displaced kids at the OK Center in a Youth Resources program, funded by the Government. She took the kids on week-long pack trips into the Upper Hat Creek mountains. After the program closed, Lois who was looking for work, met Rip Grey who hired her for the fall gather. This was the beginning of her cowboying career. When Rip moved to Rey Creek, Lois was asked by Henry Schnieder to ride a community pasture in Beaverdam Range, with his sister Helen Kerr. She did this in the following three years by herself, looking after 1200 head owned by three different ranchers. Lois moved around to several ranches before landing at the Diamond S Ranch at Pavilion, an 800 head cow/calf operation. Lois was the cow boss here for 32 years before retiring on September 30th, and moving to Quesnel to begin a new career.

Lois Tucker Daling
Lois Tucker Daling - Working Cowboy

Ken Fawcett
Ken Fawcett - Ranching Pioneer

To be inducted at the Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo, April 22nd, 2018

Charlie Brous - Competitive Achievements
Charles H Brous was born in California in 1932. In 1949 he helped a neighbor drive his cattle to the mountains for summer range. After high school, he worked in Yosemite National Park, packing mules in the High Sierras, then working for an importer of Mexican cattle in receiving, distributing and pasture riding. Charlie's family bought the Sutton Ranch at 150 Mile House in 1963. This new area brought new challenges to ranching that had not been experienced in California. Over the years, and while operating the Sutton Ranch, Charlie competed in Team Roping in both the Interior Rodeo Association (now BCRA) and the BC Team Roping Association (BCTRA). He became director and president of both. With Bruce Watt, he worked with the BCTRA to include the event at the Williams Lake Stampede, and provided the cattle for the first event. His work helped to have Team Roping added to the CPRA rodeos. Charlie and his partner qualified for the North American Rodeo Commission (NARC) finals in Denver, CO, and the highlight of his team roping career was winning both first and second at the great Riske Creek Rodeo where over 100 teams were competing.

Schuk Family - Family
Joe Schuk was born in Rosthern, Saskatchewan in 1918. In the Great Depression, 1936, Joe at age 17 left Saskatchewan with his family and headed west, to West Branch, an area in the Chilcotin, 30 miles out of Tatla Lake. Joe worked where and how he could, saving money for his dream of owning his own ranch. He bought his first cows in 1937, and having no owned land, had to farm them out. In 1939 he bought 120 acres in the Tatlayoko Valley, which had a house, outbuildings and place to keep the cows. In 1941 he bought the neighboring 160 acres. Joe built the ranch, carving it from brush and rock, and built his cow herd one cow at a time. Joe married Katie McGhee in 1946. Katie was born and raised ranching in the Tatlayoko Valley. Joe and Katie raised a family of four; Marjorie, Calvin, Nora and Clifford. They are all involved in ranching with Clifford and his wife running the Home ranch and Mountain House. Calvin and his wife ranch at Telkwa near Smithers. Nora and her husband, Walter Lampert, ranch in the Blackwater. Several of the grandchildren are involved in ranching and rodeo.

Mike and Pat Jasper - Working Cowboys
Mike and Pat Jasper, born to Delmer and Irene Jasper, were born and raised in Riske Creek. Mike, born in 1964 is the second youngest of eight children, and Pat is the second oldest, born in 1956.
Mike has competed in rodeos from a young age, but after graduating in 1984 he began his career as a working cowboy. He worked for the Ilnicki Ranch, Riske Creek Ranch, and at one point was the range rider for three ranches in the same summer. In 1988 he took a full time job with Riske Creek Ranching where he worked until Dec 2015 when the ranch sold. He then started working for the Wineglass Cattle Co where he is still working today. Mike married Connie (Mulvahill) and they had two children, Kayla and Ryan. They grew up in the saddle and would often go to work with Mike. Mike and Connie have built their homestead in Riske Creek and have a small herd of beef cattle. Mike has spent the majority of his life on the back of a horse. His horsemanship skills have become well known and he often has a waitlist of people wanting him to put miles on their horses.
Pat also competed in rodeos and attributes High School Rodeo for keeping him in school. Pat has been a working cowboy for over 50 years. His first job at age 17 was working for Thompson Land and Cattle Co. He has also worked at River Ranch, Cotton Ranch and at his brother-in-law's ranch, Diamond S Ranch in Pavilion. He returned to the Riske Creek area where he worked for Deer Park Ranch Bald Mtn. and Raven Lake Community pastures as Range Rider and working for Wineglass in the winter months feeding cattle, calving and day to day cowboy work. Following Wineglass, he began working at Chilco Ranch (Miller Ranches Ltd). During his years of working on local ranches and his own place, he also raised and trained his own working cow dogs, colts and trained other people's horses. Pat's laid back personality, light handed riding, good roping skills, patience, and many miles in the saddle make him the accomplished horseman he is today. Pat might swear at his dog from time to time but never at his horse. Pat and his wife, Lorraine, with 3 children moved to the family homestead in 1991, which the wildfires of 2017 consumed. They plan to rebuild and return to live in Riske Creek.

David Maurice - Working Cowboy
David was born in 1948, to Hermie and Evelyn (Twan) Maurice, who at the time worked at the Alkali Lake Ranch. He was born to be a cowboy. As soon as he could ride he could be found on the back of a plump ranch horse called "Puck", following his father's team of horses around the fields haying. Onward Cattle Co. (Hugh Cornwall) offered David his first paid cowboying job, for $5 a day. His next fifty-plus years have been riding and following the call of the "unseen cowboy country" as David worked throughout the Cariboo and Chilcotin areas. He worked for Tom Desmond and Jim Symes, then Alkali Lake Ranch, Gang Ranch, Nicola Lake Ranch, Frolek Ranch, the Cotton Ranch, Wineglass Ranch, and Thompson Land & Cattle Co. When he heard that The Onward Cattle Co was seeking a cowboy, he moved back home. He then worked at the River Ranch where he stayed put for fourteen years, before moving on to the Chilco Ranch. Thinking about retiring, but not quite ready, he has since worked in part time jobs and can currently be found (at age 69) riding the range for Douglas Lake Ranch in the Alkali and Riske Creek divisions.

Charlie Brous
Charlie Brous - Working Cowboy

Joe Schuk Family
Joe Schuk Family - Family

David Maurice
David Maurice - Working Cowboy

Mike Jasper
Mike Jasper - Working Cowboy

Pat Jasper
Pat Jasper - Working Cowboy

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The Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo

This year the Annual Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo will be celebrating its 28th anniversary. Mark your calendars for April 20th, 21st, and 22nd. The Beer Gardens will be open along with each of the rodeo performances, with a live video feed so that you don't miss any of the action. Announcer Brett Gardiner (2013 Pro Rodeo Announcer of the year), Entertainer and Barrel man Dennis Halstead, stock from C+ Rodeo and the BCRA competitors, guarantee to keep you entertained each day.

On Sunday, to open the rodeo, the 2018 BC Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductee's will be introduced. This year will be the 12th year at the Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo who says they are "honoured to be able to host this wonderful event each year".

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The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin

presents the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame

Museum Logo

The Museum is located in Williams Lake, BC. For information on the Museum, and what it displays inside, check out their web site at:

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The Joe Marten Memorial Award
For the Preservation of Cowboy Heriatge in BC

Mark Denny is the recipient for 2018!

The BC Cowboy Heritage Society is proud to be able to once again present the Joe Marten Memorial Award for the Preservation of Cowboy Heritage in BC. The Society's mandate is to promote and preserve cowboy heritage in the Province of BC and this award is an excellent way of recognizing anyone that participates. The 2018 recipient undoubtedly fits the requirements of this award.

The award will be presented on Saturday, March 17th during the evening main feature show in the Ball Room. Join us to help honor the 2018 recipient. We would like to thank Traudl Marten for sponsoring this award. Information about Joe Marten and this memorial award, as well as the nomination form, are available on this web site.

Mark Denny is the owner of Cariboo Saddlery located in downtown Williams Lake in the heart of the Cariboo.

Cariboo Saddlery was established by Mark's parents, Tom & Dorothy, in 1977. Tom was a cowboy, harness maker & saddle repairman and provided inspiration and encouragement for Mark's apprenticeship with Paul & Dennis Banzet in Calgary, Alberta beginning in 1978. Following his training Mark returned to Williams Lake in 1980 and custom saddle-making was added to the family business.

Tom passed away in 1995 and, still working with Dorothy, Mark took over ownership of Cariboo Saddlery. Mark continues to serve the community of Williams Lake and area as well as folks across Canada, the USA, Australia and Europe. Dorothy is now retired and Mark's sister, Donna, has joined the team to help keep the cowboys, ranchers, loggers, hunters, sports enthusiasts, etc. of all sorts geared up and in good repair.

Mark is a true craftsman and maker of custom saddles, tack, scabbards, knife cases, briefcases, bags, purses and many other useful and decorative items that people need and want. Repairs to most anything made from leather and other heavy materials also make up a large portion of the business.

In addition to the sale of custom made goods, Cariboo Saddlery is a retail store for other tack, pack equipment, saddle blankets, leather, hardware, books and other leather-craft supplies for folks who like to do their own construction and repairs.

Mark Denny definitely deserves to be added to the list of recipients for the Annual Joe Marten Memorial Award for the Preservation of Cowboy Heritage in BC.

The BC Cowboy Heritage Society will present Mark with the Joe Marten Memorial Award during the evening feature show at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival on Saturday, March 17th.

click to enlarge
Williams Lake saddle maker Mark Denny Mark Denny, Cariboo Saddlery

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The 18th Annual 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert review!

It was Saturday in February 10th, 2018. The weather leading up to the concert was terrible and the day of the concert it was cold ... this could be one of the reasons the attendance was down ... although it was still a good, and fairly well attended show!

photo by Donna Smith
100 Mile Cowboy Concert stage
100 Mile Cowboy Concert

What can I say ... those that attended went home happy! Those that didn't attend, missed out on a pretty darn good show. Matt Johnston did a super job as usual with most of the material he sang being songs he wrote himself. Personally I could listen to Matt over and over again. When I introduced Matt I used the term a few times - "Real". The real things with real material. Great entertainment.

Ed Peekeekoot of course went over well as he always does. He started both sets with the Native flute - the hair on the back of my

neck stands up when I hear the incredible sound that Ed produces with the Native flute. Then the guitar comes out and its hard to believe what a person can do with a guitar ... the different sounds and effects that Ed can make his Riversong guitar do are amazing.

In between Matt and Ed folks were looking for tissues to whipe away the tears of laughter as Bj Smith told story after story in Rhyme. Bj did what every entertainer should do ... he left the stage with folks wanting more!!

All in all it was a great day - we, of course, took in both shows and loved them both. Good job guys!!

Here are four photos taken by Donna Smith - thanks Donna!!
All photos will enlarge when you click on them.

Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston

Bj Smith
Bj Smith

Ed Peekeekoot
Ed Peekeekoot

Mark with MLA Donna Barnett presenting the proclamation for BC Cowboy Heritage Week
Mark with MLA Donna Barnett presenting
the proclamation for BC Cowboy Heritage Week

To see more photos from Donna check out her Face Book page at:
Donna's Photos on Face Book

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Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association - ACPA

Check it out at: If you're looking for a performer for an event, or if you are a performer looking to get booked for an event, then you'll find how on their web site. If it's a CD or book you need you'll find tons of them there, too! That's

Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association - ACPA

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The 17th Annual Spirit of the West Cruise!

will be in September, 2018 ... and definitely a bucket list trip!

Canada - New England ... Quebec City to New York!!

An 11 day adventure (with an optional 2 night New York post package) with Billie and Hugh and other passengers that have said that this cruise is on the top of their bucket list. This time on Royal Caribbean's "Adventure of the Sea"! An all new cruise for them where they'll see all new ports of call.

Please Note:

Royal Caribbean is saying that this cruise is sold out which means the only cabins available are the ones we have set aside, and Royal Caribbean is pulling them back. This means the price, if anything is even available, could be much higher!! If you are even thinking about joining us you should probably book soon, or at least contact Karen and Jim at Cruise Vacations: 1-800-530-0131. There are over 120 people booked to join our group already!!

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Quebec City to New York

Quebec City to New York

See or call Cruise Vacations
Download the Cruise Brochure

    Here's the places you'll see:

  • Quebec City
  • Fairmont Chateau Frontenac
  • Charlottetown, PEI
  • Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Saint John, NB (Bay of Fundy)
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Portland, Maine
  • Cape Liberty, New Jersey

Hopefully the Fall colours will be plentiful but either way we know this will be an awesome cruise! It's with the Spirit of the West ... they're always awesome!

Here is a photo of the 2017 Spirit of the West group

The 2017 Spirit of the West Cruise is off to Alaska

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